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The Nanobio Systems ("NBS") team has developed and patented (and patent-pending) technologies for non-invasive diabetes management. We have solved the problems that have long-stymied the reliable measurement of glucose levels in patients' saliva. Moreover, our technologies are able to accurately infer beyond instantaneous or average of blood glucose levels; we also have the potential to assess recent dangerous peak excursions from those levels, without the need for continuous monitoring!

Popular business media has reported on spectacular failures by clinical laboratory companies claiming to measure accurate analyte levels from tiny or dilute amounts of patient source samples. Whereas we at NBS are serious engineers, with real discoveries, producing actual devices, that are quietly conquering the time-decaying signal-to-noise challenges of the physics and chemistry of the real-world patient encounter.

Drawing from surprisingly modest resources, our team has overcome many hurdles, and we have subsequently filed IP to secure our inventions. Consequently, we see no incentive to prematurely announce our results in a frantic attempt to lessen the costly R&D&M investment burn rates experienced by other companies.  Instead, as biomedical engineers and technicians, we are racing to develop robust reliable solutions that really work for patients.  Moreover, our assets include in-house equipment and capabilities to fabricate our sensors in sufficient quantities to serve as the basis for full understanding of mass-production.

The realm of NBS is smaller than the scale of "micro".  We truly operate in "nano" terriotory.  Yet our patented platform expands upon the "macro" of opportunities.  Please contact us for more information.

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